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Chaos at your bid reception desk?
Electronic Bid Submission Can Help!

What is Electronic Bid Submission?

Electronic Bid Submission (EBS) is the electronic transfer of proposal data between a potential supplier and the contracting authority.

EBS allows suppliers and contractors to submit their bids and proposals electronically to a contracting authority via MERX. This allows the contracting authority to eliminate their bid receiving station to timestamp bids as they come in!

Advantages to Electronic Bid Submission

There are many advantages to EBS for both the buyer and supplier communities:
Contracting Authority has a complete audit trail to support dispute resolution
Contracting Authority can automatically eliminate non-compliant bids based on process rules
After closing, buyers can easily download all electronic bids that were submitted
Easier for buyers to evaluate those suppliers who intend to bid
Elimination of issues related to the geographical location of the supplier
Suppliers have the flexibility to modify and withdraw bids once they have been submitted
    (prior to closing date and time)
Lower preparation costs for suppliers and greater consistency in submissions
Strict processes built in to eliminate errors

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